• Our Vision, Mission and Objectives

    Background of the company

    Premier is well equipped, staffed, and the organized company that strives to meet the ever-changing demand and requirement of our clients by offering a wide range of investment options and alternative solutions with a superior level of quality.

    Our vision statement

    To become one of the leading consulting and human resource supply providers focusing on quality, efficiency effectiveness, and adaptability in East Africa.

    Our mission statement

    Our Mission is to be the most successful consulting company in East Africa, abiding by our principles that consist of Knowledge, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Reliability and Integrity.

    Our objective

    Our objective is to bridge the growing gap between the need of the investor, the market, and the economy. Our major objectives are:

    • To provide the highest quality recruitment service
    • To fulfill the gap between the need of the investors and the labor market
    • Providing affordable highest quality investment and business consultancy for local and foreign investors in East Africa.
  • Our company profile

    Premier Human Resource Supply and Investment Consultants provide Professional services and solutions that specialize in human resource and investment consultancy. The company is a registered business consulting and human resource supply company with a vision to create value for clients & stakeholders by offering global quality services across various industries.

    Premier HRSIC provide a full suite of business and investment consulting, executive search, staffing,training,and outsourcing services. our expert team assists numerous clients across industries to grow and succeed.

    We are one of the best consulting companies in Ethiopia providing services to combine with innovation, strategy, and business transformation for our clientele. We link with the client's own passion and desire to start a value-driven journey. 

    We are dedicated to ensuring that you are pleased and happy associating with us since we love to satisfy our clients. In a nutshell, our main purpose is to deliver result-oriented services for our esteemed and most prestigious customers.

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